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  • Guest blog by Thabit Mikidadi From sexy and cool to a sign of bad choices and unhealthy habits; conversations around cigarette smoking are starting to shift thanks to decisive campaigns that have reduced its usage after many health-related complications were attributed to its use. The use of cigarettes has been declining worldwide especially in the […]

  • To enhance reporting about climate and energy, the Hivos East Africa Hub has invited six journalists to the Africa Climate Week, held in Ghana from 19-22 March. The six journalists, previously trained by Hivos, were asked to develop stories and report on the Africa Climate Week. After a capacity development session on Tuesday 19th March, […]

  • By Caroline Wahome, communications officer Green & Inclusive Energy Program East Africa Kenya’s population is estimated at 50 million of whom 73% have access to electricity via either grid or off-grid electricity solutions. While the government is committed to providing electricity for all by 2022, grid extension can be slow and expensive. Hivos believes that […]

  • Getting ready for a revolution Fabby Tumiwa, long-term Hivos partner in Indonesia, has a message: “We should be ready for a revolution.” According to Fabby, we rely too much on big energy companies and their fossil fuels, even though we don’t have to. “If you look at renewable energy, anyone, every house, can produce electricity.” Fabby is […]

  • “Zimbabwe is open for business!” The catchy slogan of the new Zimbabwean government is clear and inviting. When international business invitees travel from the airport to the capital Harare, they will be positively impressed by the innovative solar-powered streetlamps along the airport road. But continuing further, they will soon realize that this bright entrance is […]

  • By Eco Matser, Global Coordinator Climate, Energy and Development, 16 July 2018 As the energy sector is going through a transformation, there is a growing consensus that sustainable and renewable energy is a catalyst for the achievement of most other SDGs. By its very nature, energy is a strong enabler of better health, education, jobs, food production […]

  • During the week of 8 March – International Women’s Day – Hivos is sharing stories of some of the amazing and powerful women we support worldwide. This year’s theme is: “Rural and urban activists transforming women’s lives”. Connie Tinoco is a woman farmer in Rocky Point, a town on the southeast Caribbean coast of Nicaragua […]

  • NEWS:The Strategic Partnership Green and Inclusive Energy programme in Africa which will run from 2016-2020 recently launched with a conference held in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe from 5-9 September, 2016. Hivos Hubs in Southern Africa and East Africa together with the Global Office organized the five day kickoff meeting with partners to co-create and finalise a […]

  • NEWS: In Kenya, 40 per cent of the energy intake comes from geothermal and 38 percent from hydropower. Although the majority of Kenyans daily require electricity, it is expensive and often not available, especially in rural areas. Of the forty-six million people living in Kenya, only twenty-three percent have access to energy according to a […]