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  • Hivos and partners have released a briefing note on the impacts of Covid-19 on rural communities and informal and small businesses operating in these communities. Based on our analysis, we developed a set of recommendations for policy and practice on how to support the most vulnerable, including low-income households, women and MSMEs, while promoting an […]

  • One of the key barriers to delivering energy solutions for all is the limited access to affordable finance at the local and national levels to serve urban and rural poor with appropriate energy access solutions. At international level, finance flows are insufficiently targeting the last mile and flowing mainly to higher income areas and on-grid […]

  • Working together with communities and investing in their social capacity are the key to success in the transition to 100% electric cooking, shows the new “Beyond Fire: Backcasting a pathway to fully electric cooking in rural Kenya by 2030” released by Hivos and the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI). This new report calls for a better […]

  • Since 2016, the Energy Change Lab has worked on a project to ensure that electricity can be used for economic and social gain. Going beyond electricity for household use, people are now using electricity to run businesses and improve their income. The Energy Change Lab in cooperation with CEFA has developed a mobile unit, travelling […]