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  • Opinion by Eco Matser, co-authored by Merit Hindriks Digitalization is transforming the energy sector in both developed and developing economies. Every year, new tools and processes are altering energy providers’ business models and creating completely new ones. This changes how energy providers interact with their customers and allows new players to enter the energy market. […]

  • Kajiado County and its efforts to bring decentralized renewable energy to its people Kajiado County is predominantly semi-arid and sits on the outskirts of Nairobi in the south of Kenya. At the moment, about 39 percent of the county has energy coverage. And this is something Dr. James Sankale (Chief Officer at the Ministry of […]

  • From August – September 2019, more than 150 journalists from different countries of Latin America and the Caribbean participated in the ‘Renewable Energy Course for Journalists in Latin America and the Caribbean’ implemented by Hivos and the Latin American Energy Organization (OLADE). The course included subjects intended to increase the knowledge of the use of […]