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  • The media plays an effective role in promoting national development and shaping public opinion. The government and the private sector use the media to diffuse information to influence and persuade public opinion. One of the challenges that Hivos East Africa (through our Green and Inclusive Energy program) has sought to address is that of leveraging media to communicate […]

  • The ambition for COP24 was high. Countries were supposed to deliver a set of rules for the implementation of the Paris Agreement, decisions needed to be taken to enhance climate targets and progress was expected with regard to adequate financial support for the most vulnerable to implement the countries’ National Determined Contributions (NDCs). After two […]

  • Hivos has entered a regional alliance aimed at closing the energy access gap in Central America to achieve 100% coverage for the entire population. The agreement was signed last Wednesday, December 12, at the III Energy Week organized by OLADE (Latin American Energy Organization) in Montevideo. By signing this agreement, members of the alliance which […]

  • Getting ready for a revolution Fabby Tumiwa, long-term Hivos partner in Indonesia, has a message: “We should be ready for a revolution.” According to Fabby, we rely too much on big energy companies and their fossil fuels, even though we don’t have to. “If you look at renewable energy, anyone, every house, can produce electricity.” Fabby is […]

  • Opinion by Merit Hindriks At a time when deniers of climate change call it fake news, climate activists call for more rigorous action, and high-level policymakers battle over “who pays”, it is journalists who try to make sense of it all. Their difficult mission is instrumental in our understanding of climate change and its effect […]

  • “Zimbabwe is open for business!” The catchy slogan of the new Zimbabwean government is clear and inviting. When international business invitees travel from the airport to the capital Harare, they will be positively impressed by the innovative solar-powered streetlamps along the airport road. But continuing further, they will soon realize that this bright entrance is […]

  • The 24th edition of the Climate conference, known as COP24 is about to start. From 2 to 14 December, World leaders, international institutions, private sector, climate groups and other civil society organizations will gather in Katowice, Poland, to discuss global ambitions to protect the climate and define adaptation and mitigation measures to protect the most […]