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  • Blog post by Agusmantono, Hivos advocacy officer South East Asia “If you want to see how 100% renewable energy has been put into practice in the field, please take a look yourself in my village in Sumba, Indonesia. Everyone who comes today is welcome”, said Umbu Janji. He made his invitation to the appreciative laughter […]

  • Before COP22, Hivos stated that this year’s Climate Conference needed to integrate the discussion on SDG7 (Energy Access for All) with countries’ climate commitments and climate finance. Now, at the end of the November 2016 conference in Marrakech, we are encouraged to see that 48 climate vulnerable countries showed great leadership and made bold commitments […]

  • A year after the Paris Agreement was signed, it is coming into force on November 4, 2016. Hivos welcomes the Paris Agreement, the first universal and binding climate agreement. But governments still have a long way to go to ensure that their own Nationally Determined Contributions are in line with “pursuing efforts to limit the […]